Momiji Japanese Restaurant

** Please note the content is subject to change due to restrictions and guidelines on how keep everyone safe in these unusual times. Thanks for your understanding while we work our way through these unprecedented times. Stay safe everyone!**

Momiji Japanese restaurant opened at The Cherry Tree in December 2016, although we previously ran Momiji between 2003-2009 at the opposite end of the town.

We aim to offer casual Japanese food in a relaxed and friendly environment. Our staff can offer guidance to customers who are unfamiliar with Japanese food. So, whether you are a lover of Japanese food or it is new to you, come and give us a try!

Our food

Casual Japanese – our regular menu covers a range of popular cooked Japanese dishes but doesn’t include sushi and sashimi.  However, we hold  “Sushi Night” events, from time to time , when we offer a selection of sushi which is available on a PRE ORDER basis, alongside the cooked food menu.

Why “Momiji”?

Many customers ask us the meaning of the name Momiji. It is a type of tree, the Japanese maple, which is especially beautiful in autumn when it turns amazing shades of red and orange. There is a small island, Miyajima, close to Taka’s hometown of Hiroshima, which is famous for its Momiji trees and stunning autumn scenery, hence our choice of name for the restaurant.

The style of dining

Our menu is based around popular dishes found at casual eating and drinking establishments known as IZAKAYA. The best way to enjoy your meal at MOMIJI is to choose a variety of dishes and share them with your group, whether you are “two” or a larger group, sharing is definitely the best way to enjoy a variety of flavours, textures and cooking styles. If you are familiar with the tapas style of dining, that is a good comparison –  enjoy a selection of dishes that are cooked and served to order “as they come” and you won’t be disappointed. If you would prefer to order individually please just mention this to the waiting staff and we will do our best to serve dishes simultaneously.


Be it a family get-together, girls’ night out, birthday party or whatever the occasion, the casual dining style and communal element of eating has always made Momiji  a great place for group meals.

Sushi Nights

**Please be aware the day to day Momiji menu does not include sushi. Sushi is only available on our occasional “Sushi Nights”, and on those nights is on a pre-order basis.   We hold a couple of these nights each month and upcoming sushi night dates will be posted on here once decided. The menu for pre-ordering for these evenings (eat-in and takeaway by pre-order only) is subject to change but you can see an example in the menu section.


**July 12&13**

PLEASE NOTE, SUSHI ON A PRE-ORDER BASIS ONLY (basically by preceding afternoon)  However we have a limited capacity  for sushi (both eat-in and take away) and once this capacity is reached we may have to stop taking orders so please order/book as soon as you can to avoid disappointment.